Why Are Kitchen Cabinets So Expensive?

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Kitchen cabinets are one kind of kitchen furniture or appliance that is used for multiple purposes. Basically, it is a perfect place to store several kitchen utensils, such as food, cooking equipment, and many more. Kitchen cabinets help to keep out the kitchen well organized through its storage system with easily accessible drawers and doors.

However, you will have to spend a lot of money to build or renovate the cabinet in your kitchen. Well, why are kitchen cabinets so expensive? That is because kitchen cabinets come with many functions and utilities. The amount of labor and work and quality materials are one reason behind the high cost of kitchen cabinets.

What are Kitchen Cabinets Used for?

Basically, the kitchen cabinet is a piece of furniture that has plenty of drawers and doors. It is often used for storing kitchen appliances and this helps to keep the kitchen well organized. According to Wikipedia, kitchen cabinets are key to furniture in the kitchen, which stores plenty of things.

What are Kitchen Cabinets Used for?

Now, most of the modern kitchens are integrated with dishwashers, refrigerators, and ovens too. In short,  along with storing several things, kitchen cabinets will work for you as multipurpose furniture. There are many options available for cabinets in this modern time. Furthermore, now cabinets come with several designs, shapes, materials, and many more things.

Why Are Kitchen Cabinets So Expensive

It’s hard to explain in a few words why are kitchen cabinets so expensive. Many factors play an effective role in determining the final cost of kitchen cabinets. We are going to explain some key factors in detail below; stay tuned.

why are kitchen cabinets so expensive

1. Quality of Material

The cost of kitchen cabinets can be incredibly increased or decreased through materials. However, if you are thinking about making custom-made cabinets, then you have to spend a lot of money. That is because of fiber materials, and you’ll have the freedom to choose what type of material you will use.

You can use any type of material, such as solid wood, plywood, and so on. Custom cabinets allow you to choose better-quality wood to make the cabinet more durable. However, you can use plywood instead of solid wood, and this will surely cut some expenses.

2. Installation

Installing kitchen cabinets require a certain skill that most homeowners do not have, and the installation process is a bit expensive. Since it requires plenty of skills, the installer will charge more money because of their expertise. Furthermore, the installation process requires a lot of leveling and precision.


If you do not set your cabinet properly, it incredibly changes the look of your kitchen. The leak of proper installation can let you face a hard time while closing the cabinets, drawers, and doors. As the installation process is a bit more difficult, the installer will bring several people with him. So you can clearly understand, you have to spend plenty of dollars to complete the installation process.

3. Labor Costs

Labor will significantly increase the cost of kitchen cabinets. You have to pay labor for customization to build, deliver and install the cabinet. The labor part is one of the expensive parts of any construction, and the skilled labor cost is a bit high. Cabinets may seem simple, but it requires many years of expertise to build any cabinet.

Building or installing kitchen cabinets also requires a lot of special tools, which is a little expensive. However, you can save thousands of dollars if you have the skill to build your own kitchen cabinets.

4. Feature

If you want, you can include a lot of features on cabinets. You can choose various features, including self or auto-closing drawers and doors. You can also choose many designs of the layout system of your kitchen cabinets.

Furthermore, you can also include matching drawers and cabinets as well. The glazing and use of hardware is also a reason to cost many dollars. Using glazing and choosing hardware will help you to increase the beauty of your kitchen cabinet.

5. Drawers

You will find a little difference in costing in kitchen renovations or building a new cabinet. However, kitchen cabinets, doors, and drawers are also a key reason behind its high price. Drawers are more involved and complicated than any standard cabinets.

More drawers mean more storage, and for more drawers, you have to pay extra cost. Drawers are really necessary for storing small kitchen gadgets and utensils. Most of the cabinet comes with eight to ten drawers, which will cost more money.

Are Expensive Kitchen Cabinets Worth The Money?

If you are asking me are expensive kitsch cabinets worth the money, then the answer is yes. According to superiorstoneandcabinet, kitchen cabinets are an important element of the kitchen regardless of the size of the room. However, there are many differences between an ordinary cabinet and an expensive one.

Are Expensive Kitchen Cabinets Worth The Money?

The expensive kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen more stylish and more spacious. Expensive kitchen cabinets offer better storage, style, and superior design than regular or ordinary kitsch cabinets.

Costly kitchens include many combinations, such as more storage space, higher quality craftsmanship, an eco-friendly approach, and many more things. They can hide all types of imperfections and also offer low maintenance. Expensive kitchen cabinets also offer a shining finish because of the use of a sander for kitchen cabinets.


Now you can clearly understand why are kitchen cabinets so expensive. Along with the use of quality materials, custom-sized shapes, designs, and colors are also one of the reasons behind the high cost of kitchen cabinets. Moreover, most kitchens have five to ten drawers and doors, which makes those cabinets a bit more expensive.

The design options of kitchen cabinets are unlimited in terms of material, wood, size, and color. From the material to cabinet style are the key factors which forces affect the cost of kitsch cabinets. These all factors are good enough to understand why the price of kitchen cabinets always goes high.

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