What Size Router Do I Need For Woodworking Of 2022

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In the present day, it’s like a blessing to have a wood router in your workshop. If you want versatile options for your multiple wood projects, then a wood router is a must choice for you. You can do simple trimming and shaping edges to intricate designs that are more aesthetics for a wood router.

But the confusion arises when selecting a router. The most common question is, what size router do I need for woodworking? In this regard, you should consider your demands and need to plan for buying a wood router having these options for your requirements.

What size router do I need for woodworking


Types Of The Router For Woodworking

However, you can create immense opportunities in your workshop, having a good wood router. Like other tools, the wood router also comes with different shapes and sizes. Every wood router has its capabilities and limitations. Here, we’re going to describe different types of routers that are good for woodworking.

Palm Routers

The compact size palm routers have an impressive performance that will amaze you. They’re suitable for a small scale of routing. You’ll also have other features like windows cutouts, mortising, trimming, decorative inlays, edge forming, and slot cutting. The palm routers can’t be ideal options for big routing projects.

Mid-Size Routers

Probably this category is the most favorite option among woodworkers. Thanks to their easy applications and multiple opportunities. If you have the mid-size router, you’ll have covered the uses of palm routers and additionally can perform large-scale routing, panel cutting, template design, and even circle cutting. You might’ve found a mid-sized router as the best option for woodworking projects.

Full-Sized Models

The name implies meaning. This category provides the routers for production use, and they’re sealed as the workhorses in the router family. The full-sized models are ideal for CNC operations and dedicated to a router table.

Fixed Base

The fixed base routers are standard that is used for edge routing jobs only. But these routers can be mounted to a router table, as well. The handles or knobs are fixed in these models, and they’re precise for dovetail or box joint. Besides, the ring-style settings are usually incorporated into the fixed base routers.

Plunge Base

The router with a plunge base offers versatile opportunities for woodworkers. The applications I mentioned in the fixed-base section, these plunge base routers are capable of doing all these jobs. Moreover, they can perform all kinds of plunging operations into the wood and suitable for dado cuts, mortising jobs, blind grooves, and fluting.

D-Handle Base

They’re pretty as the standard base routers. There’s the only difference is the D-shaped handle, where two knobs are used in fixed-base routers. You can control the power switch with this handle.

What Size Router Do I Need For Wood Working?

Needless to say that every router comes with different capabilities for different purposes. What size router do I need for woodworking? You might’ve asked this question. It totally depends on your projects that you’re going to do. Let me make you clear in this regard.

Versatile applications

If you need versatile applications in your projects, you can go with the plunge routers. These routers offer you to adjust the depth while cutting any piece of wood. These routers range from 1-3.5 HP and ideal for dovetailing, engraving, and interior cuts, deeper cutting without tilting the router. Plunge routers are the most popular routers in the market.

Standard Routing

If you’re a newbie, the fixed router would be a great option for you. The router is even called the standard model of routing. They also work between 1-3.5 HP. They have applications of ease uses and ideal for shaping and cutting edges precisely. But they can’t be adjusted to depth cutting like plunge routers.

Interchangeable Bases

If you need to change the bases during your work, the combo routers are the best option for you. Otherwise, you need to spend extra bucks for purchasing two individual routers, and rather you’re getting a combo pack for interchangeable routers. You’ll have both fixed and plunge routers applications here. They’re actually for the professional use.

Small Scaling

While selecting a wood router for a smaller scale of routing, the palm routers would be suitable for you. Hence, they can operate at 1HP or less, they’re tremendous for trimming, slot cutting and edging, dovetailing.

Industrial Uses

There’s another router that comes with a computerized manual and generally found in the wood industry. You need to get the training to articulate with this router. They’re used for large cutting without making any error. Because any error can cause a great loss for the industry, so, you’ll have a more controlled and precise shaping with these CNC routers.

How To Choose A Woodworking Router?

One of the precious and versatile tools in your workshop is a router. The wood router has made your work easy and comfortable. It has also enhanced the production capacity as well. So whenever you’re going to choose a wood router, you need to focus on some hacks that will assist you for a happy buying.

Speed Control

If a router comes with variable speed control, you can adjust the speed according to your preference. It depends on your task and the bit size you need for your project. Actually, when you intend to work on larger bits, you need to operate your tool at a slower speed, which ensures the safety and control over the router. Some electronic feedback system routers allow you to set the RPM in the correct range.

Slow Start

The slow start of a router doesn’t mean that it lacks quality. It ensures the safety of the workers. Having this feature in a router allows accelerating the speed gradually after turning on the power switch. If the router doesn’t have this feature means that it starts at full speed, and you may lose control over it. As a result, you may catch an injury, and your work may be hampered.

Bit Change feature

It’s a feature that all the routers have. If you need to change the bits often, you should go with the less bit changing tool that can make your job easier. There’s also an option available that is spindle lock mechanism for single-wrench bit alteration.

Handle Design

If you can’t hold your router firmly, it’ll tough for you to do your job accurately. So, handle design is also an important factor in this regard. Like, you’ll have enough freedom with your plunge routers for any deeper cuts.

LED Lighting

If you need to shape your target area more precisely, the LED lighting option will enhance the visibility of that area. However, you can do any critical function of your project with more precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use a wood router for?

You already know that a wood router is a versatile option in the woodworking industry. You can use a wood router for many purposes like creating any rounded or straight edge, creating hinge mortises, duplicating designs, cleaning veneer, cutting plugs and joinery, making the sign, and many more options are available.

Do you push or pull a router?

Well, when you’re routing anticlockwise, you need to push your router from left to right. On the contrary, you’re routing clockwise, which means inside the edge, you need to push the router right to left.

Can you use a router bit in a drill?

You may use a straight router bit to drill on the materials. But keep in mind that you need to take proper caution and care while using your router for drilling. Otherwise, the high-speed of your router can easily damage your wood. But the necessary precautions can avoid this damage.

Here are some things to follow before you buy a router

Final Words

Hopefully, the outstanding article will assist you in diminishing your confusion while choosing a wood router and its corresponding applications. It’s true that without proper knowledge, you can’t get the right wood router for your intended applications.

So, your question was, what size router do I need for woodworking? I hope you’ve got the answer from this article. Right?  As a wood carpenter, I can assure you that a wood router will change your thoughts while working. Good Luck.

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