What Does a Trim Router Do & How to Use in 2022

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A router is the most needed equipment for every woodworker. There are different types of wood router available for different woodworks. The trim router is one of the most versatile among them. If you are a woodworker and looking for a trim router for your wood project, then you must want to know what does a trim router do?

Compared to other routers tools, the trim router is most versatile & unique. This handheld tool is very lightweight, small, and powerful.  It has a super ability to cover all the places that other big routers can’t do. Basically, the router is designed for accomplishing laminate work, but you can also use the best trim router for small types of wood projects.

What Does A Trim Router Do?

To complete a single wood project, you may require a different wood router; a trim router is one of them. If you are using this smart, handheld, powerful tool for the first time, then the first question that may arise on your mind is what does a trim router do?


A trim router is specially designed for laminate work. But you can use this versatile tool in different woodworks such as inlay cavities, flush trimming, hinge mortises, hardwood edging, round edges, and a lot more. Read the below section carefully to know what you can do with a trim router.

For making replica

Sometimes you need to do the same work again and again for a project. A trim router is an outstanding tool for such type of work. Using the top bearing pattern-bits, you can accomplish the same type of template routing, again and again for a wood project.

You don’t have to use a heavier machine to do this type of work while doing the same task more efficiently with a trim router. Especially when you have to deal with small & narrow parts, nothing is better than this tool.

Hinge mortises

Most of us use a chisel for doing door hinge while a handheld trim router is more efficient for this type of wood project. Generally, a ¼’’ straight bit is appropriate for this type of task.

By using this setup, the hinge routing becomes so easy and standard. With a trim router, you can make a custom shape that allows you to create a different template.

Profiling edges

A trim router is the most effective & perfect for profiling edge. With a trim router, you can effectively make your passes to reach the depth of your cutting. A trim router is small and comes with less horsepower, but it is enough for profiling the edges.

To make the perfect profiling edges with your trim router, you have to follow the good routing-practice and make sure the bits you are using are sharp & clean. Make the first cut shallow & then make deeper passes for the best result with a trim router.

Sign making

To create a sign on the wood surface, a trim router is outstanding. To make beautiful signs, all that you need is a trim-router & letter guide templates. The process is very simple and easy; at first, the letter and the sign that you want to draw on your wood then run your trim router over the template.

For the sign stock, it is better to use a softwood. Now you need to position the trim router bit on the widest part of every single letter and then start. Hold the router and move it by keeping it with the edge of the template.

Hole drilling

The process of hole drilling is quite the same with the plunge router. With a trim router, you can comfortably bore the self-pin holes. For boring shelf-pin holes, the woodworkers habituated with a plunge router, but now you can do the same job with a small trim router.

Here, the trim router works almost the same as a drill; sometimes, the trim router works better than the drill. The best way for hole drilling with a trim router is to custom a shelf pin template so that the hole size fits with guide collar busing. You can use a ¼ ” spiral bit in your trim router.

How To Use A Trim Router?

Among all types of routers, the trim router is one of the most effective and useful for the woodworkers. It is important to know how to use the trim router effectively. Basically, a trim router is appropriate for small routing, hinges, chamfering-edges.

Because of their lightweight and heavy construction, they are portable & easy to use. Due to their less horsepower, they produce very little noise. Follow the below section to know the using process of a trim router.

Step 1– Preparing the router. Before using your trim router on any wood projects, it is important to prepare your router. You have to make some adjustments for each and every individual project, such as height, thumbscrews.

Step 2– You may have to change the router bits for different projects. Different types of projects need different types of bits. So you have to learn how to change the bits faster.

Step 3– Know the application of the trim router. There are so many router bits that have their own individual application. To be a good woodworker with your trim router, you have to learn all those applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

There might be a lot of questions that arise on your mind when you are about to choose a trim router. In this section, we have included some questions and answers that people frequently asked about a trim router.

When to use a trim router?

With a trim router, you can complete a variety of tasks such as inlay cavities, flush trimming, hinge mortises, hardwood edging, round edges, and a lot more.

Can you use a trim router for drywall?

Yes, you can use the trim router for drywall.

Can you plunge with a trim router?

You can plunge with a trim router, but you should remember that when you plunge a trim router, you can do the lighter work only due to its less horsepower.

Final Thought

Routing tools are the most needed equipment for every woodworker to complete their wood project perfectly. During your work, you may need a variety of router, now if you are using a trim router for the first time, you must want to know, what does a trim router do?

Above in this article, to remove all of your confusion, I have explained about it briefly. With a handheld smart trim router, you can complete all kinds of laminate work & a variety of tasks such as inlay cavities, flush trimming, hinge mortises, hardwood edging, round edges, and a lot more things for your wood projects.

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