Screw Gun Vs Drill – What are The Best?

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There is a fight among people’s minds which provides better service among Screw gun vs drill. The problem they can not decide between the two is they do not know the real purpose of their work. When you are determined about your job and know the features of both the products, it is simple for you to choose from them.

The article conveys all the features, advantages, disadvantages and works the purpose of both the drill and a screw gun. There are times when you will need a screw gun rather than the drill and vise versa. It is guaranteed that after reading the article you will bid goodbye to the controversy.

Screw Gun Vs Drill What Is the Difference?


A screw gun and drill often look alike but have subtle differences. A screw gun has a nose that holds the screws but the drill has a chuck instead. You have to load the screws manually every time in a drill but the screw gun does not allow this. The motor of the screw gun stops with the instructions of the clutch.

The drill has more torque than a screw gun which adds versatility to it. A drill can be operated by anyone and everyone for multiple purposes. But when it is a time-bound professional job a screw gun is the best. There is less damage with the screw gun and a bit more comfort in a drill.

What is A Screw Gun?

Screw Gun

A screw gun has similar features to a nail feed. It has a clutch, a motor, and a nose, auto-feed, screw reel, etc. You just need to place the nails in the screw gun. The clutch will start the motor and the nails will be plucked into the drywall. But there are possibilities that the wall gets damaged. You can determine the profundity of the screw. It generally has 3500 RPM and lesser torque than that of a drill.

What is A Drill?

What is A Drill

It is a handheld hammer-like equipment that has a rotating pointer. The bits that are used in a drill are switchable and come in different structures and types. It has a self-locking chuck, assisting handle, and more torque than a screw gun. The drill is also used as a multi-purpose tool.

What Can You Do With?

A Screw Gun:

A screw gun is a specialist tool. It is primarily used for screwing the drywall. There are also uses for floorboards and wooden decking. Since it has fewer torques the usage becomes restricted. You can simply after setting the depth put the bits in the nose and start the screwing process. Once you are done with screwing the clutch will automatically be disengaged and the motor will stop working.

A Drill:

A drill is not a socialist tool. Anybody and everybody can use this versatile tool. You can easily make holes in wood, rock, metal, and concrete, etc. You can shuffle between the drill and screw gun adding a dimple in the chuck. Every task is easier with a drill than a screw gun. But when it comes to working on drywall, it is best to use a screw gun. It takes less time than a drill to make a hole and gives a better result.

Advantages of A Screw Gun:

The primary advantage of using a screw gun includes perfection. When you have to make a hole in drywall, it is better to use a screw gun. It does not devastate the wall and saves your time. You can set the dept. Continuous loading is not needed. You can engage the clutch only by the nose and the motor stops by the instruction of the clutch. When you have a hard deadline you better use a professional tool like a screw gun. A grease gun can also perform better in this case.

Advantages of A Drill:

A drill is powerful handheld equipment that has more torque than a screw gun. You can use the drill for multiple purposes even if you are a tyro. You do not need to be a specialist for using a drill. It is time-saving. You can drive Philip screws and flathead with it. You will get a drill at a cheaper rate than a screw gun.

Disadvantage of A Screw Gun:

A screw gun is generally for professional usage. So, you can not use it for anything and everything. It has less torque than a drill. Hence, for time-saving purposes, a drill can substitute a screw gun. However, a screw gun is an expensive tool. If you want a tool for DIY tasks at home you can go for a drill rather than a screw gun.

Disadvantage of A Drill:

A drill is for multiple uses but does not have a precise working feature. You must go for a screw gun if the work is for drywall. A drill demands manual loading of screws. It consumes a lot of time while fixing drywall and sometimes damages the wall too.

Screw Gun Vs Drill: Which One Should You Buy?

screw Gun vs Drill

Both are the best to buy. A screw gun and a drill have their respective values. You can swap to either of these but can not substitute one with the other. If you are a professional or specialist then it is better to go for the screw gun.

Unless you are working under a deadline you should go for a drill. It is an inexpensive one and easy to buy. You can afford a drill anytime as it is cheap. But it costs a bit more to purchase a screw gun. So, you have to determine your purpose and go for the best one.

Final Thought

Screw gun vs drill the controversy ends when you are sure of the usage and purpose. You can do both of these for different aspects. Both of these have pros and cons regarding their features and functions. Sometimes it is better to choose the screw gun and sometimes it is the drill.

The article speaks up about which one you should go for. If you do not have the budget for or expertise in a screw gun, you must go for the drill. But when you are going for professional work under deadline, a screw gun is the best.


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