Plunge Router Vs. Fixed-base Router – Do You Need Both 2022?

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When you’re ready to start woodworking or working in a workshop, you must pick a router at first. A router is a crucial tool to accomplish your job with great satisfaction. The most effective routers are the Plunge Router Vs. Fixed-base Router.

If you don’t afford to manage both the routers, you have to choose a definite one. What the difference of a plunge router vs. fixed base router? In this case, you have to stick to the following section to find the exact answer. Let’s start on!

Plunge Router Vs. Fixed-Base Router: What You Need To Know For Perfect Differences?

If you want to know the absolute difference between a plunge router and a fixed base router, you must observe the following comparisons. We’ve given a transparent scheme of identifying the perfect one to aid you most.


What is?

A plunge router

A plunge router is the handiest tool for all woodworks. You can dip it into the work-piece and pull it up to remove the stock physically. It will allow you to plunge the cutting bit down manually into the managed material. Also, it’s perfect for edge work using its round-over cutting bit. Moreover, the plunge routers are preferred to all making fluting, dados, grooves, and rebates.

A fixed base router

A fixed base router comes with accurate cuts, easy maneuver scope, and increased precision on woodworking. This type of router offers more cutting precision as its cutting bit can’t move anywhere. It can make the edge of materials sharpen and straightforward despite having a low profile. Most notably, you will have greater control over the snug to produce straight cuts through this router.

In accuracy

A plunge router

A plunge router has been the most used router due to its extraordinary accuracy in cutting edges. You can easily modify the cut depth as per your preference. Also, it will offer you a thoroughly smooth edge within a short time. With the cuts on straight and curved edges, the plunge router has brought a new dimension inaccuracy.

A fixed base router

A fixed base router is the best choice for jo5nery as it produces more precise cuts than other routers. You will get the best accuracy in having smooth and polished wood’s edge through a fixed base router. With the advanced design, the fixed base router has been easier to manage and control.

In size

A plunge router

The plunge routers vary in sizes. You can pick up a definite one considering your work genre. The heavy-duty routers come with ½ inches in size followed by ¼ inches for light-duty and 3/8 for medium-duty.

A fixed base router

The lightweight and small size make a fixed base router more convenient and precise. Almost all the fixed-based routers are designed considering the need for woodworkers to give easy managing and control advantages. You will find variety in a fixed base router, including small, medium, and large.

In the level of operability

A plunge router

If you want to notice the difference between plunge router vs. fixed base router, you have to scrutinize the level of operability at first. A plunge router always comes with a smooth and excellent operation facility. You will have a hassle-free working environment through it as it perfect at doing work of consistent depth. It will aid you in cutting the wood or other materials around the border and making shallow indentations. In a word, a plunge router will deliver you outstanding operation with shallow decorative cuts.

A fixed base router

A fixed base router typically delivers ultra-fast and smooth operation. It begins with an in-depth set of bit in the lower beneath. When you turn it on, it will cut the edges of materials precisely from side to side. Its bits tend to be flat on the bottom to aid you most in accomplishing your job with great satisfaction. If you’re a novice, there is nothing wrong with working with a fixed base router since it will let you create rounded edges for benches, tables, and many more joinery projects.


A plunge router

  • A plunge router offers an adjustable depth of cut to make things.
  • You will have higher control over it by changing the depth of the cut.
  • It will let you cut from above to middle to perform woodworking projects.
  • You will have improved versatility through this newbie-friendly router.
  • This router comes with a lightweight design and simple construction.

 A fixed base router

  • A fixed base router always offers precise cuts in all situations.
  • It comes with a user-friendly design to give you a secure controlling facility.
  • This great router is ideal for working on table base all along.
  • It beginner-friendly; therefore, you can apply it at ease.
  • This router is affordable; therefore, you can purchase it with stress.


 A plunge router

  • A plunge router is unsuitable for working on a table base.
  • You have to spend handsome money to purchase a plunge router.
  • It not ideal for beginners, as it has a hard operating method.

 A fixed base router

  • You can’t start working from the middle through a fixed base router.
  • You have to struggle to have versatility in working on a fixed base router.
  • It’s a little bit expensive.

Plunge Router Vs. Fixed Base Router: Which One Is Safer And Better?

Generally, all the beginners feel free to go for a fixed base router as it is newbie-friendly and safer. It offers precise cuts with much versatility. Besides, you can control and operate this router safety without any issue. As it is suitable for working on a table base, therefore, it has been thoroughly accessible to all than other routers. You can purchase it at a reasonable price to have the best woodworking experience all along.

Final Thought

From this comparison article, you may have known the basic difference and advantages of a plunge router vs. fixed base router. Both the routers are handy and being used comprehensively across the world.

But if you afford only one at a time, you can choose a fixed base router without any suspicion. It will deliver you far-reaching scope to build up beautiful stuff and achieve the desired goal.

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