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If you notice that your nail guns not shooting nails or leaking air, it might be a maintenance issue. There are so many causes which for nail guns not perform effectively.

Eventually, not shooting nails isn’t the only problem with nail guns. Sometimes guns fire immediately, or double nails fire happens. In this article, you will catch out the entire process of fixing nail guns, not shooting nails on your own. Also, you will get all the safety alerts regarding this.

Possible Causes of Nail Gun Not Shooting Nails

Usually, nails guns are very powerful gadgets. As they remain in heavy-duty works, problems occur.  To identify the issues of the nail gun, you just need to understand the possible causes of it.  Some of the most common reasons are:

nail gun is not shooting nails

Wrong air Pressure adjustment

According to OSHA, the usual air pressure range should be 70 to 90 PSI while working in the residential construction areas. But below or high-pressure adjustment is an improper adjustment for the nail shooting guns. For this improper adjustment, either it will be over flashed or break the wooden piece.

Defected or old battery

After a long time of use of your nail gun, the battery gets older and loses its power. Also, the same case can happen with the gas fuel cell. Here, running out of gas is a significant cause of not shooting nails because gas fuel cell gives the power to shooting nails work with efficacy.

Using Wrong size Nails

There are plenty of types of nail sizes and shapes are available. You may have loaded the wrong passengers on your boat. Check your nail gun first. Decide what type of nails can fit in the nail fitting area. Only correct nails can solve this problem. Around 15 to 34 degrees, nail angles are standard in the market. If you couldn’t figure it out, check out the user manual.

Nail is Stuck or Jammed

Stuck or jammed nail is the most common issue for both for cordless and pneumatic nailers. A stuck nail also can make the machine slower and make obstacles.

Needs Cleaning

If you are not cleaning the nail run regularly, it will catch dirt and debris. And the dirt can cause the nails to get jammed. Lubricants will be helpful in that case as well.  For better use, clean the fitting, vent, bump firing, and especially the trigger side area after every use.

How to Fix Nail Gun Not Shooting Nails

How to Fix Nail Gun Not Shooting Nails

Before you start fixing the nail guns, know the possible inquiries about it and take the necessary steps for safety. The safety goggles, hand gloves will be needed the most to keep your eye and hand risk-free from sudden severe accidents. Once you are ready with your safety, proceed to the steps.

Step 1: Unplug from Power Outlet

Unplug from Power Outlet

About tools and types of equipment, whenever it’s time for cleaning or open up the machine, unplug the power outlet first. This step is crucial to avoid any accidental situation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 37000 patients visit the emergency room every year because of nail gun accidents. So, to fix this machinery stuff, follow the safety guidelines carefully

Step 2: Empty the Nail Gun

Empty the Nail Gun

You already did the first step carefully and safely. Now, take off the unfired and unused nails inside the gun. This load of nails can be a cause for not shooting the nails.

Step 3: Clear out the Jam

Clear out the Jam

This is a fun part, but do carefully and step by step. If you push or shake things to clean up the nail jams inside the gun, the gun inside mechanism can be disconnected and damaged. So many parts like piston, driver blade, vent, bump firing, the magazine shouldn’t be damaged while you are working on it. Now, you can use pliers to get all the nails out. This part will take a lot of time, but the result will be so pleasant.

Step 4: Fix Air adjustment

Fix Air adjustment

If you feel air leaking and improper air pressure adjustment is responsible for not coming nails out. What should you do now? First of all, set a necessary pressure on the air compressor. Pressure setting adjustment will help you to shoot correctly in maximum power. But if pressure getting too high or low, nails will get too deep in the wood or flash out.

Step 5: Put New Nails in and Power up

Put New Nails in and Power up

You cleared the jam and fix the air adjustment. Now you can put some new nails over there. Ensure you are keeping the right size nails to the nailer and putting these at a right angle. At last, check again; there shouldn’t be any nails stuck inside.


The nail gun is a modern and very effective alternative to the traditional hammer. This handy tool does the work more efficiently and fastest way. Besides, remember the hammers are very heavy and risky to use daily in the house or construction sites.

Overall, consider it a deadly weapon and keep safe work because 68% of construction workers are victims of nail gun accidents in America. Besides, according to the national library of medicine, nail guns has the potentiality that can cross the bones muscle and damage the body part for a lifetime.  In brief, knowing how to fix your nail gun, not shooting nails, is a part of life hacks. So, use life hacks with safety and save your money wisely.

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