How to use a circular saw without a table?

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If you are a woodworker or involved in woodworking projects, you have certainly used the plunge saw or table saw. These come with a rail or table attached that makes the cuts easier. But people often struggle with the circular saw at the beginning as it does not come with the table. Thus the question pops, How to use a circular saw without a table? You can DIY a self-guide by arranging two boards, some nails, a drill, and four pieces of plywood.

Here, you will find the procedure ahead in the article. It includes the alternative ways that you can follow to use the circular saw and some safety guides to help you keep safe while building your project.

How To Use A Circular Saw Without A Table?

circular saw without a table

The circular does not come with a table; it does not signify that you can not accurately cut with the saw. It is a portable handheld power equipment that is to make your task lenient. There are some Power Tools For Woodworking too which can make your work more smooth and fluent.

You can carry a circular saw anywhere. There is no problem with the workspace be it large or small. Also, you can start your project even on your balcony, your room, or doorsteps. A Circular saw is a handy tool that saves your effort and time. While the table saw makes the accurate cuts, the circular one curtails the space. You just may hold the saw and start your project anywhere you want.

There are certain paths that you can follow to ensure you use the circular saw effectively.

Step 1: Take The Large Block Of Plywood

Large Block Of Plywood

First of all, you need to take a broad piece of plywood that is vast enough to hold the piece of wood you want to chop. Now take three blocks of wood of the same size. You have to put two pieces from the three over the board.

Step 2: Paste The Plywood Pieces To The Board

To follow this step make sure you have got some nails. What you need to do is make some holes on the board sidewise with the help of a drill. Then take the pieces and nail the pieces tightly to the board. Now that you have nailed the pieces of wood to the large board, let’s jump onto the next step that we have.

Step 3: Build A Bridge

Now in this step, you have to pick another board. But this time the board will be shorter than the previous one. It is going to be placed over the nailed pieces of wood. If we refer to the nailed pieces as rails, then just put the second board over the rails. Now that you are done with placing the board on top, you will see an opening hole below it.

If you do not correctly place the board, the opening will not be going to appear. Mind that the opening you have created will work as the platform for the wood that is going to be cut.

Step 4: Create A Fence

Now place the circular saw over the second board that you have placed over the rails. The blades of the saw will plunge downwards and against the second board. When the saw is placed tightly take a pencil and draw a line where the shoe of the saw ends. This line is for the fence. Now take the third piece of wood that we left over and place it on the side of the surface where there is the line.

Step 5: Create A Path For The Blade Of The Saw

You have created the fence border to assist the shoe of the saw. Now you are done with your settings. Take the circular saw. Put the batteries inside. Place the saw on the place that you have created to make the saw move. Take the piece of wood that you want to cut and start your procedure.

Hope this guideline was helpful to you. You are now confident to use your circular saw without the table. This also adds value to your work as you can build and use the guide of the size you want.

Safety Precautions Of The Circular Saw

Safety Precautions Of The Circular Saw

There are some safety precautions for a circular saw.

You must wear an eyeshade to protect your eyes. If you do not wear it you will tend to harm yourself. Try to dress in a high outfit. If you wear a loose dress you are bound to mess the work along with hurting yourself. Always stand on the side. Do move the feet while working to avoid kickbacks.

Make sure that the guide you have built is tightly and sharply done. You have to ensure the blades are sharp and working perfectly. You need to keep in mind that you are holding the saw with your two hands to keep control. Do not move while working. The blade will stop working itself once the work is done.

These safety guides you should always abide by to ensure your safety as well as the overall project’s safety.

Final Thought

How to use a circular saw without a table is a common question among people who struggle with the circular saw. Since it does not have the table or rail attached to it, woodworkers often find it difficult to use it. Again some safety issues are still there that can be a barrier in your job.

However, you DIY a guide yourself to use the saw effectively with the help of this article. The article has provided you the ultimate help guide to use the circular saw effectively as well as keep yourself safe. Hope after scanning the article there is no more question in your head left regarding the circular saw.

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