How to Make Wooden Signs With a Router?

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Who does not love to give a retro and classy look to their home or workplace? We know everyone loves it, and using crafted wood or wooden signs can appeal to anyone’s property.

Well, there are different types of wood signs available in the market that you can design yourself with the help of a power tool. Using a router and some basic tools, any professional or hobbyist can make wooden signs.

However, if you are not professional, you must know How to Make Wooden Signs With a Router. Proper routing knowledge will let you transfer a piece of wood into an attractive crafting wooden sign. The following article is filled with all the information about routing a wooden sign; continue reading.

What is a Wooden Sign?

What is a wooden sign, and what is its purpose? It is a craftable item that can display images of any short message, and that can be placed anywhere. A wooden sign can be anything; it can be a letter sign or give a complete sign shape of any template design.

What is a Wooden Sign?

These types of signs do not require any foundation for placement, and they can be placed anywhere. Wooden sign is not just what professionals can do; anyone can do this with a manual or router approach.

Among manual or router approaches for making wooden signs,  using a router like the trim router is handy. Therefore, the trim Router for Woodworkers has become an essential tool for woodworkers or wooden sign makers.

What You’ll Need to Make Wooden Signs With a Router:

Before starting wood signs with a router, you have to gather all the essential equipment to help with the procedure. It will boost your efficiency and save time as well. Have a look at the necessary requirements.

  • Wood router
  • Router bit (V-Groove)
  • Pencil
  • Design template or letter
  • Sandpaper
  • Safety goggles
  • Gloves
  • Dust mask
  • Grip Pad
  • Carbon paper or tracing paper

How to Make Wooden Signs With a Router

Here we have outlined a  reliable guide on How to Make Wooden Signs With a Router below. This guide will help you to complete the wood signing task with proper efficiency.

How to Make Wooden Signs With a Router

1. Determine the Wood Size

There is a saying – “Plan your work and work your plan” because you will not get the desired result without it. First, you have to decide the wood size and the dimension of the layout of your design or letter.

You have to pick the wood that suits your requirements. The wood size is important because it needs to adjust the letter or design dimension. Moreover, you also have to choose and use the best wood for making wooden signs.

2. Prepare the Wooden Board

Once you have selected the right size wood to make a wooden sign, it’s time to prepare the wood for crafting. No matter what you do, make sure you have the correct dimensions in place. After preparing the wood, now, you have to trim off all the existing excess parts. Moreover, use sandpaper to smoothen the rough surface and edges. We recommend using 120 grits of sandpaper for a beautiful and smooth finish.

Prepare the Wooden Board

3. Draw the Sign

To get a perfect outline of your preferred wooden sign design, you have to draw the letter or design template accurately. You have to use a pencil to draw the desired sign or use a computer-assisted printout. Moreover, you can also use a stencil method for drawing your preferred sign on wood.

Draw the Sign

Freehand drawing will give your sign a more elegant look. However, you have to use computer technology to draw wooden signs in your preferred way for business to get accurate sign shape.

4. Routing Process

After preparing every essential thing, now it’s time to go for routing. However, believe it or not, routing is the easiest part while making a wood sing. Here we have outlined the routing process through steps, have a look.

  • Place the wooden piece onto a stable workbench and, if possible, put a rubber pad beneath to prevent sliding off.
  • Now pick the V groove, square end, or round nose router bit and fit it securely to the router. Choosing the ¼ or ⅜ inch wide router bit will help you to make proper wood routing.
  • Wear all safety gear, and now you can start routing. Use both hands and be calm and patient while moving the router. While working with the router, keep your forearms on the table to gain additional control. To move the router, use your wrists.

5. Finish the Sign

Once you are done, now you can apply paint or varnish to upgrade the wooden sign’s beauty. Before that, use a brush to remove all the wood chips from the sign. Also, you need to use sandpaper to smooth the routed surface. We prefer to paint inside the design because it will make the wooden sign stand out. Once you are done, now again use sandpaper to clean out paint markers or other things from the design.

Caution and Tips for When Make Wooden Signs With a Router

While making wooden signs with a router, you must follow some safety precautions and tips. These tips will help you to prevent incidents and get efficient results.

Caution and Tips for When Make Wooden Signs With a Router

  • Make sure to wear protective gear while working with a router. Use goggles to protect your eyes and wear a mask to keep yourself safe from breathing in the sawdust.
  • To prevent any injury issues during routing, always grab the router tightly. That is because an imbalanced router can cause harmful issues.
  • Try to practice with a plank of scrap wood before starting working on the central wood mark.
  • Always remember to unplug the router from the extension cord or wall outlet before changing its bit or making any adjustment.
  • If you are routing for the first time, avoid images or design templates with high-end details or complicated patterns.
  • Rout in the right direction, start with light cuts, and never force the router. Remember to leave enough space around the edges for the boundary line.


Knowing How to Make Wooden Signs With a Router will let you create your own personal wood signs that only professionals can do. Above, we have also discussed what you’ll need to make wooden signs with a router and what safety you should maintain. Making a wood sign is a great way to craft your name, address, image, or anything you want.

With a little effort and accessories, you can be able to make and craft a luxurious wood sign. So today, try out making a wooden sign with a router and add an attractive touch-up in your place. Thanks for reading till the end; we wish you good luck making your first wood sing with a router.

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