How to Load a Porter Cable Nail Gun Properly?

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Nowadays the porter cable nail gun is very common for the most effective saw design, DIY projects, and construction projects. It makes the hand job easier and time-saving. Because using a hammer and gauge is hard work, on the other hand, using a nail gun makes it easy and comfortable.  

To use the machine you should gain proper knowledge about how to use it and how to load a porter cable nail gun? Loading a porter nail gun is not too tough but you have to go through some steps to complete the process. Read the full article for the loading process.

About Nail Gun Loading Mechanisms

All of the nail guns work similarly for both loading and functioning. Few different types of nailer designed to work in different ways. Such as pneumatic nailer, combustion-powered and electric nailer. However, the electrical nail Gun for Hardie Trim comparatively works better than the other types of nail guns. The electrical nailer runs with an extension cord or as cordless with a rechargeable battery. It works with electric power by creating creates an electromagnetic field.

About Nail Gun Loading Mechanisms

Solenoid contains a sliding piston that is made of magnetic material. This piston works as a hammer. When electricity passes through the piston it creates forcing energy to force the piston downwards against the long blade. This forcing power empowers the gun to fire for the nail. Then it hits an electrical switch to reverse the current to move back into the place and ready for the next trigger.

How to Load a Porter Cable Nail Gun?

Basically, there are two types of porter nail guns available according to the nail size. Each of the nail guns has the capacity to hold 100 nails in its magazine when it is fully loaded. Below I have highlighted the methods about how to load a porter cable nail gun?

How to Load a Porter Cable Nail Gun?

Confirm the Location of the Magazine

The porter cable nailer has a clip to load. The attached sleeve points directly to the barrel. Most of the angle nailers have a sleeve in the corner that assists you to set the goal. Find the right clip to fit the nail gun in the right way. Check the magazine that there is no nail left inside the magazine and unplug or switch it off. Then make sure the trigger is active.

Maintain the Compatibility of the Gun With the Handle

Place the clip in line with the sleeve of the gun to prevent the gun from tilting. Check the nails that fit perfectly to the barrels. When loading the nails keep the nose of the guns at a safe distance from the body.

How to Load a Porter Cable Nail Gun Properly? 1

Take all kinds of safety equipment before you start loading. It is better to keep it empty during loading so that it cannot make fire. Don’t load nails into the gun before you connect as it is risky that can injure you.

Load the Nails

There is a T-shaped nail clip under the sleeve with the groove which is located on the nail corner. If the nail magazine is empty, place the second clip behind the first clip before you start loading. Press the nail gun upwards and hold the clip in place while the loading process is running.

Load the Nails

It is recommended not to press the trigger until it is pressed against any surface. Be attentive when you do the process to avoid accidents. Try to keep your trigger finger away until the gun is ready to fire.

Maintain Spring and Clip Alignment

Pull the pusher to the back of the magazine. It automatically pushes two clips of the nail forward. Press the button on the spring with the sleeve. Now slide the nails forward through side sleeves. After you have finished loading, store it somewhere safe. Try to keep the gun jam-free for its effectiveness.

Unload and Check the Magazine

Pull the spring-loaded slide back of the nail gun to remove the remaining nails. Make sure you make it empty to avoid any unconscious accident when you finish working. In this last step don’t forget to check if there are any nails left in the gun. The best way is to fire on the grounds to make sure there is no nail left.

Things to Consider When Loading a Nail Gun

Loading the nail gun is not complicated but it may cause a serious injury with a little carelessness. Therefore it is very important to take safety against the gun. Let’s have a look at what you should consider when loading the nail gun.

Things to Consider When Loading a Nail Gun

Safety is the first thing to consider before you start loading. You should wear protective hand gloves. Hand gloves are very effective to save your fingers from a nail. Wear a protective glass as your eyes are very sensitive limbs of the body. A little touch of nails can affect your eyes badly. Look around if there are any people, if so try to change your loading direction.

In the case of an electric nailer unplug the socket from the extension cord. Then make sure the gun is empty; there is no nail left inside the gun. And keep your finger far from the trigger.  Because if there are any nails inside the gun and mistakenly pull the trigger it will be a great danger. There are two types of firing mode such as bump mode and sequential mode. Replace the bump mode with a sequential firing system to reduce the risk of injury in case of an unexpected trigger pull.

How to Control a Porter Nail Gun

To control the gun you should be an expert using the machine. Also for loading and using the gun you need to be efficient. Here are some key points to consider while using a porter nail gun.

How to Load a Porter Cable Nail Gun Properly? 2

  • Provide training to the workers with to-do lists when the machine is not working.
  • Apprentices should use the machine under strict observation.
  • Use only a sequential trigger mode instead of a bump mode with required depth adjustment.
  • Never put the machine above the line of the worker’s shoulder.
  • Inspect the wood surface for knots and cracks.


After all, different manufacturers install different loading methods. These differences show their unique identity. If you cannot load the gun properly, you may have to face problems with the nail gun.

You can follow the instructions above to learn How to Load a Porter Cable Nail Gun?  The mentioned steps will certainly help you to load a porter nail gun. However, the manufacturer’s user manual is helpful that you can follow. 

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