How to Load a Bostitch Nail Gun?

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A nail gun is known as a nailer, which is a kind of tool used to drive and plunge nails into wood and some other types of materials. You can work safely with this nail gun, and it is fast and efficient also. If you know the loading process of this gun, then you will be able to use it easily.

Before using the pneumatic nailers or nail gun, you need to know How to Load a Bostitch Nail Gun. All you need to follow some steps to load this nail gun which I have added below. So, let’s see the loading steps of the nail gun.

About Bostitch Nail Gun

Stanly Bostitch is commonly known as Bostitch, which is an American manufacturing company that famous for fastening tools like staplers, staple guns, nail guns, and glue guns. The parent of the Bostitch nail gun company is Stanly Black and Decker.

About Bostitch Nail Gun

A nail gun is an incredible fastening tool that is designed for one specific purpose, like drive nails into wood and other materials. This simple power tool can replace hammers and nails. A nail gun can drive nails faster than its manual counterpart. You can also use a nail Gun for Hardie Trim.

Safety Precaution When Loading a Bostitch Nail Gun

Before loading the Bostitch nail gun, you need to take some safety precautions because safety always comes first. In this section of the article, I have included some safety precautions which will be helpful for you.

  • Before using the gun, check it for broken parts and try to replace damaged parts.
  • Never points the nail gun towards yourself as it can injure you.
  • Try to attach the gun to the air supply before loading the fasteners.
  • Don’t load pins with the trigger, as it can harm you.
  • Try to use porter cable fasteners that have been approved.
  • Use safety glasses that have side shields to protect your eyes from the nails.

How to Load a Bostitch Nail Gun

Loading a nail gun is a little bit tricky task. If you want to use a Bostitch nail gun then, you have to know How to Load a Bostitch Nail Gun. Here I will show you the process of loading a Bostitch nail gun. You just need to follow my steps.

How to Load a Bostitch Nail Gun

Step 1: Check and Unload the Magazine

At first, disconnect the gun from the air source. After that, check the magazine that contains the nails. Before using the gun, you need to make sure that the magazine of your gun is empty and obstruction-free. The magazine of your nail gun should open and closes freely. Make sure that the magazine slot of the gun does not have any nails inside it. If you start with an empty magazine, then there will be no jammed nails in the magazine.

Step 2: Connect the Air Source

After unloading the magazine now, you can connect the gun to the air compressor. You can also connect the gun to the air hose before loading it. Now point the gun in the safe direction and attach the air hose’s quick-connect valve to the ¼” stud at the base of the gun handle.

Step 3: Load Your Nails

Points the gun away from yourself and others and drag the spring-loaded slide on the magazine backward until it locks into place. This slide will open the loading slot of the magazine so that you can load nails inside it. Load the strip of nails that have an accurate gauge and length for your nail gun model. After placing the nails, unlock the slide. Now your nail gun is ready to fire.

Load Your Nails

Step 4: Finish the Task

After finishing the nail loading process, now it is time to store it properly. Disconnect the air supply from the gun and press the purge valve or switch of the gun to release the excess pressure stored in your nail gun. Now fire the gun to make sure that it will no longer fire nails. After that drag, the spring-loaded slide backward to open and expose the remaining nails and remove them.

Regular Maintenance Tips for Nail Gun

When you are working with a nail gun, it is essential to maintain it properly so that it will work best. Here I have included some regular maintenance tips for your nail gun.

Regular Maintenance Tips for Nail Gun

  • When cleaning the nail gun, make sure it is powered off.
  • Use few drops of oil in the moving parts of your nail gun to operate it smoothly.
  • Add some oil in the air fitting and O-rings inside the air fitting so that it will work fast.
  • Don’t use lubricants to clean the feed system. Try to use compressed air to clean it.
  • Tighten the bolts and screws of your nail gun regularly.
  • If your nail gun is cordless, then check the nail gun battery regularly.
  • Try to fix and replace the broken parts of your nail gun.


A Bostitch nail gun is an essential fastening tool that works more quickly than the traditional hammer and nails. As the nail gun does not consume time, so maximum people prefer to use it.

Using the Bostitch nail gun will be easy if you know How to Load a Bostitch Nail Gun. However, I have already mentioned the loading process of the nail gun in this guideline. If you are a newbie, then you can go through this guideline to load your nail gun.


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