How to Install Quarter Round Without a Nail Gun?

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Quarter Round is best for lower edge baseboards. These are also typically used to decorate and hide any gaps between the floor and baseboard. Most of the Quarter Round is flexible and has a small gauge. A Nail Gun makes the work faster to install the quarter round. The task is also possible without using a Nail Gun. One who knows the entire procedure of How to Install Quarter Round Without a Nail Gun can easily attach it without any hassle.

Most people attach a quarter round with a hammer or by using glue instead of using any Nail Gun. Before installing experts suggest testing fit the molding and don’t forget about the holes. Here in this article, you will find the entire procedure of setting up a Quarter Round by not using a Nail Gun.

Should You Glue or Nail Quarter Round?

To install Quarter Round, there are almost two standard methods available. Each of those methods is a highly proven method for installing Quarter Round for DIY work. People use Glue or Nail Gun to install it. Among them, I prefer to follow the Nail Gun method. This method ensures the durability of adjustment rather than any other process. If you use Nail Gun for Hardie Trim, the installation of Quarter Round would be smooth and perfect.

Should You Glue or Nail Quarter Round?

Quarter round molding or shoe molding is a common task in DIY work. Sometimes it is unable to manage a Trimmer to install it. Therefore, there is also a method available to install quarter rounds. This method doesn’t need any complex tools but only can be done with some standard and straightforward tools. Let’s jump to the next section to know How to Install Quarter Round Without a Nail Gun completely.

What You’ll Need:

As I said earlier, to install a quarter round without a Nail Gun, you don’t need any heavy tools. This simple and easy method can be accomplished with some daily usable materials. In this method, you need the following tools.

  • Hammer
  • Nail Set
  • Hack Saw
  • Finishing Nails
  • Caulk/Latex sealant

How to Install Quarter Round Without a Nail Gun

Nail set is a simple tool which looks like a pencil and is made with metal. Despite the hammering to finishing the nails into the molding process, you can use these tools. The result may be ugly and hammer-shaped dent. But finishing the job with a nail set is more preferable while molding the shoe baseboards. Follow the below method to complete the installation process.

How to Install Quarter Round Without a Nail Gun

Step 1:

Use any kind of saw that you are comfortable with to cut the quarter-round molding. Though it’s easy to cut with a freehand, I suggest using Craftsman Hand Saw.

Step 2:

In this step, you need to lay molding against the wall and then flush with the floor. It’s common to have a gap between the wall and the molding. If you want, you can fill up those gaps with the sealant later. It’s OK to pay concern in laying the molding nicely and flatting opposing the wall.

Step 3:

Keep the nail baseboards always into the wall, don’t keep on the floor. It is simplest to hammer the angel with the nail slightly downhill instead of nail straight in trying. Keep using the hammer with confidence. You are less likely to miss and dent your baseboard. You can use a few good solid whacks instead of moving the nail in. This involves practice and can be mastered by practicing more times. Halt the hammering when it’s about ⅛ inch of the nail still fastening off the wall.

Step 4:

Keep the Nail Set into the line. They come in various sizes. You just need a set that has a tiny bit that is smaller than your nail head. Then utilize the hammer into the nail set to drive the nail the rest of the way into the wall. This section needs some practice, and you will miss it a few times at first. You can practice it in the plywood until you can hang it. You did once when you have driven the nail just underneath the surface of your baseboard. You can keep continuing your nails moving, about two feet apart measured on the length of the baseboard.

Step 5:

This step is called finishing the sealant. Use a tube of sealant or caulk to approximate the gap between the wall and the baseboard. If it is coming out a little sloppy, don’t worry about it. Once you have done applying the sealant, clean it with the finger over the top of the smooth. Wipe the rest of the things with a paper towel.

Step 6:

The main purpose of these steps is to cover the nail heads. After doing a better job along with your nail gun, if your nail guns are barely noticeable, they need to cover up. By putting a deb sealant on the top of them that is invisible. If its looks are a little bit messy, it’s okay. You are able to sand it down when the sealant dries. The whole process is simpler if you use white baseboards and white sealants. Nevertheless, if they are in different colors, like any other natural wood baseboards, you need to paint all of them at the end.

Things to Remember

There are some of the things you need to remember when installing Quarter Round without a Nail Gun. Those tips are for your safety and concerning the perfectness of the work. Remembering those tips will help you to reduce the risk of any accidents.

How to Install Quarter Round Without a Nail Gun? 1

To bypass problems down the road, dry the various pieces before proceeding. Select a simple place to cut the quarter. A preferable place to cut a quarter round is a table. This table will ensure the smooth cutting of any Quarter Round.

After completing the fantastic job with the nail set, the fastener heads may typically be unnoticeable. But, if it is needed don’t hesitate to add some sealant. It helps to camouflage them.


The molding of Quarter Round is the simplest way to clean and finish the look of the baseboard. You can also use any fancier route with various kinds of elaborate molding. However, in this write-up entitled “How to Install Quarter Round Without a Nail Gun” I am just describing a good old-fashioned quarter-round molding method.

You will find many tutorials online that will tell you to complete the process with a pneumatic nailer. But if you are a normal or a construction worker, you don’t need to use a pneumatic nailer. You simply follow our guidelines to install your quarter round without any hassle.

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