About Us

What is Woodtoolspro

Welcome to the Woodtoolspro! It is the place where you’ll get every woodworking tool for your project. We’re here a group of teams working together for the woodworking people who’re looking for the best tool for their project within their budget. Well, if you’re a woodworker and looking for the best tool then you’ve visited the right place.

No matter, if you’re searching for a wood router, compact router, plunge router, trim router, wood lathe chuck, etc. you’ll find everything here. We formed our team with experts and research people just to make sure that you get the absolute tools that you’re looking for! 

Our Team 

Lee Morris

Lee is the owner and one of the authors of this site Woodtoolspro. Basically, he’s a businessman who is selling power tools for woodworking. But only business is not his identity. Because besides his business, he’s blogging and writing on different subjects. Though the business is his main profession then again writing blog posts is what he is passionate about.

While running his business he saw that many of his customers have no proper idea about woodworking tools. So he decided to share his knowledge and experience with them and that is how the idea of “Woodtoolspro” is generated. Lee forms a team with expert people to serve the people with authentic and necessary data. Who continuously works for Woodtoolspro.

About Us 1

Harry L. Barr

Harry is a woodworker. He has been in this profession for almost 19 years. Because of his huge practical experience in this sector, we have hired him to our team. Now he is working in Woodtoolspro as a leader of our expert team. Harry has a complete idea about different types of wood tools.

Under his guideline, our expert team analyzed and cross-checked the features of different wood tools and sent them to our research team. This is why every single thing that you get from here is double-checked and verified by the expert.

John C. Hamilton

John is working in Woodtoolspro as a creative and research writer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Linguistics and English Language. Before joining us, he worked for many renowned journals and magazines as a writer and editor. John is very good at research writing. He spends hours after hours learning new things before writing about them.

About Us 2

Our Review Process

Market Exploration 

Market research or exploration is the basement of our review process. Our research team studies the complete condition and position of particular tools before listing them on our site. We deeply study the originality of the product market and sort out the popular tools of the popular companies.

Determining the Key Features

Lots of features don’t mean that a particular product is good until it comes with the core features. Our research team spent a lot of time and did extensive research to detect these power tools’ main features that are most important for the woodworkers.

Product Selection

After completing the market exploration and product key feature study our team primarily selects some products and makes a shortlist of them. While doing the selection process, we carefully select those products that are highly appreciated by its users.

Review Analysis

Analyzing the real buyer’s review is one of the main things that we strictly follow. For this, we’ve developed a system also that helps us to detect unnatural reviews. So that we can only study on the real-buyers reviews and get ideas from their practical experience.

Product Ranking

Our product ranking system is quite predictable. Because we have designed our system in a way that best products get the top ranking with a high score and lower scores products get the lower ranking. Our ranking score actually depends on the product quality, features, reliability, durability, price, etc.

Review Writing

After completing all the previous tasks, our analyzing and research team identify the best model tools of the best company. Then they forward that to our writing team with all the research findings. Our research writer listed all the features and descriptions after analyzing them one more time. 

Buying Guide

When we pick the best product in the market we listed them on our site with all the research findings that we have. We provide all the data that we gathered through research. As  a result, you can get the product of the best brands based on your requirement. 


Our product testing methodology is very simple but it goes through a systematic process. First, we started with market research, we looked for every single piece of information in every single place. For authentic information, we look for Consumer Reports, CNET, What Hi-Fi, independent, and many more reliable sources. Our research team reads 100-1000+ reviews sometimes for a single product to identify the best of the best one.

After doing extensive market research our team primarily selects some products based on their popularity and consumers’ opinion. Then our expert’s team cross-checked the features of these products and picked the best from them. Later our writing team and editor panel add those products on our site with detailed descriptions and product features.